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RFID Blocking Wallets, Passport Wallets Identity Theft Protection Products.

Electronic pick-pocketing, also known as "skimming" is a new issue to be concerned with, but the actual threat of RFID theft has been around for some time - just not for the everyday consumer. Access Denied® has designed a proprietary RFIDLOCK™ shield protection system that is proven to safeguard you against RFID theft. Simply store your ID, credit cards, security clearance badges, passports and other chip enhanced items in any of our exclusive products to add the protection you need in today's world. All of our products are lined with our proprietary RFIDLOCK™ lining that keeps electronic transmissions from penetrating your personal data and meets U.S. Government FIPS-201 security standards. With Access Denied® you get RFID blocking mens wallets, RFID blocking womens wallets and RFID safe passport holders that look and feel like any ordinary wallet, but which offer proprietary RFIDLOCK™ shield protection allowing you to rest easy knowing that your data is safe.